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Our core functions feature renovations, reconstruction of premises as well as new buildings. Our services include building services such as heating-, water-, air-conditioning- and automation systems for all sizes of projects, among other things the following know-how areas:

  • Improvement in indoor air quality
  • Energy recovery systems
  • Renewal of heat distribution plants
  • Basic adjustment of heating systems
  • Project planning
  • Renewal of building automation systems
  • Increasing and adding cooling
  • Supervision of HVAC-work
  • Fire safety of ventilation systems
  • Safety systems

We use all the current software programs for HVAC-planning, automation planning, building information model (BIM) projects, energy simulation and energy planning. Via our established cooperation partners we also offer electrical design, cost calculation as well as sprinkler and gas extinguishing planning. For our classified work we have a secured closed space and network in use.

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Designing services

Our designing services encompass heat-, water-, airconditioning- and automation systems in projects of all kinds of sizes. Our selection also offers electricity and lifecycle planning services.


Construction services

We also offer construction services in addition to our planning services, as well as constructing plans created by other parties.


Our special knowledge

Cooling of indoor air and energy efficiency. When maximizing energy efficiency,
free cooling which is benefitting cool outside air, is often a potential alternative in Finnish conditions. Free cooling can also be designed in row with compressor cooling, when the whole need for cooling can be covered cost effectively.

Information security and reliability. Our personnel have vast experience in safety classified underground projects, such as security premises and data centres. In projects like this information security is paramount in all phases from design to implementation. All our processes allow riskless handling and ensurement of confidential information.

Customer relations. Fluent co-operation with clients and partners is important for us. We want to listen and discuss with the customer about building services, current developing needs and implement the best solutions for them. The quality control system we have in use guarantees a customer-oriented operation.


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