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  • A standard bearer of solid building services

    Project planning of buildings and building services is the most central planning phase for the building developer when it comes to profitability and cost-efficiency. This should not be left half done.

  • Comprehensive specialized know-how

    Our special know-how ranks amongst other things the cooling of indoor air, energy efficiency and critical projects concerning information security. Further information to be found here.

  • The largest in Finland in its own category

    Our company is the largest engineering office in Finland specializing exclusively in HVAC-design.

  • Service as a customer promise

    Find more about our references here.

Engineering office Äyräväinen Ltd

We are a safe building services partner and developer. The foundation to all our work is good co-operational skills and service preparedness.

Our core function features renovations, reconstruction of premises as well as new buildings. Our service encompasses building services such as heating-, water-, air-conditioning and automation systems for all sizes of projects.

Further information on our services to be found here and on our company to be found here.